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President of Wild-Maple Films  Liz Taylor: Award-Winning Actress, Director, Producer

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Liz Taylor

President of Wild-Maple Films is an Award-Winning Actress and Filmmaker.  Her Passion for Helping Fellow Creatives and Friends in the Entertainment Industry has led her to share her success with other filmmakers, by helping them to secure Worldwide Distribution through her contacts at No Cost to the Filmmaker!

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Liz Taylor's Directorial Debut Short Film

This Award-Winning Film is Where It All Began for "Wild-Maple Films"

Liz was fortunate enough to secure distribution for her film, and in turn, made strong connections with BIG TIME Distributors like Shami Media Group in New York and their partner Shanghai Media Group in China ... which provides digital streaming to over 800 Million Cell Phone Users Alone!   Our Reach is HUGE!.... So let us get your work out there!!

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