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 In the short time I’ve known Liz, she has literally changed my life as a filmmaker. She owns and practices a more diverse skillset than I even know how to credit; and her energy burns like a supernova at any given time of the day. In the demanding and unpredictable world of film, especially at the level of short film production, it helps to have someone who can navigate the choppy waters. Liz Taylor at Wild-Maple Films is this person. Her prolific career as an actress is living proof of her ability, knowledge-foundation and super savvy as a key player in this creative space. She can do it all, and frequently does—and you’d be stretched to find anyone who has more network connections than she does. 

Drew Tapley

Writer, Producer



Honors & Awards

  • Best Actress Awards:  Liz Taylor: IndieFest Film Awards in San Diego, and Canadian Diversity Film Festival in Toronto. 
  • Best Producer: Liz Taylor:  Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 
  • TV Commercial Talent Award 

visit www.ShowBizLizTaylor.com for link to IMDb